Standing with the people of Haiti

Standing with people of Haiti - Catholic Media & Communications Pakistan

In last 7 years Haiti has been gravely affected by the natural disasters such as earthquakes and storms like Hurricane Matthew. Thousands have lost their lives and millions are left homeless in destitute without having basic needs of live.

For being Christians it is our duty to help each other as the Bible asks us in “Galatians 6:2 – Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.”

96% of the total 11 million population of Haiti is Christian. We as Christians must join hands together and support our Christian brothers and sisters in Haiti whatever we are capable of. Many Christian children are in need of going to school, people are struggling to cope with the dilemma of having enough food for surviving on daily basis, families who have lost their homes are forced to live in camps, and the unhygienic living conditions are spreading diseases across the country.

The team of Catholic Media & Communications Pakistan has decided to join hands together with the people of Haiti and contribute our part to stand beside them in these difficult moments. We are going to run a campaign to raise funds for the people of Haiti and make that help reach to those who desperately need it. Each drop makes sea. You can also drop your contribution by clicking here. Let us pray together for the nation of Haiti. May God strengthen them to overcome this time of tribulation. Amen.

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