What are the Javieradas?


The term ‘Javieradas’ refers to the pilgrimages that are undertaken to the Castle of St. Francis Xavier in Navarra, Spain.  These pilgrimages have taken place ever since 1986 in St Francis Xavier’s honour, as he was both one of the patron saints of Navarra and patron of the Catholic Church’s missions.

These mass pilgrimages take place annually as thousands of pilgrims walk many kilometers to reach the castle where Francis Xavier was born. He was known as the “impatient divine” who, with his passion and belief in the greater glory of God and his fellow men, gave his life to the Catholic mission. 

In spite of the harsh weather conditions thousands of people walk and pray together every year along the ‘Way of the Cross’ in order to reach the great gathering in the Eucharist land. What moves them to take this arduous path? Why such clear devotion to St Francis Xavier? What are they searching for through participation in the Javieradas?

With help and guiding hand of St Francis Xavier we are brought closer the Lord. We can feel His eternal love. We understand the value of the zealous missionary; we meet the Christ whom Xavier so passionately loved. Thanks to St. Francis Xavier we, in this way understand the purpose of our life. Amen.

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