A Pakistani Christian Refugee Mother In Thailand – In Urgent Need Of Our Help


Suraiyya had a very good life in Pakistan. Her husband used to work in the IT department of a shopping mall, and she was a housewife. Three years ago her husband faced a false blasphemy accusation in Pakistan, but before being tortured, killed or burnt alive they decided to flee to Thailand, leaving behind their home, relatives and friends. They thought a peaceful life would welcome them, but they face numerous problems in Thailand, especially because they are considered illegal immigrants and cannot work there legally. They face constant fear of being caught by police and sent to the immigration detention center. That is why they try their best to keep themselves locked inside homes, in order to remain safe.

Suraiyya´s family applied for asylum with the UNHCR Bangkok but were given an interview date of October 2017. In the meantime, they are not provided with any financial support, medical care or education for their children.

Three months ago she was in a road accident, which left her arm broken in two pieces. At first, her arm was plastered, but due to the huge damage to her muscles, the plaster was ineffective. Eventually doctors said that the surgical placement of a metal plate would be necessary to fix it, a cost of 50,000 Thai Bahts (equivalent to 1300 Euros), which is a huge amount for her family.

She used to have a sewing job that helped her to cover her home expenses, but after the accident that source of income has run out. Doctors have said that she should have her arm operation as soon as possible to avoid the need for amputation. Suraiyya cannot take care of her children, let alone feed them without an arm. She is in need of our urgent and immediate help. Her family has already been the victim of persecution in Pakistan for loving Christ; so let us help her end her continued suffering. Let us help her save her arm, which if amputated, will ruin the livelihood of her family.

Jesus prayed that we Christians would be one, even as He and the Father are one.  This means being help to each other. Together, please send some help to our Sister. 1300 euros is the amount required for her surgery. 

Ad maiorem Dei gloriam – Para la mayor gloria de Dios. Amen.

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